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Jonathan Engwall engwalljonathanthereal at
Tue Feb 19 13:52:37 PST 2019

I have spent all day working on this, since 8 a.m. it is now 1:45. X11 and
DBUS did not configure properly. Mkdesktop is the pkg I used to build KDE
and now, because /var/run/dbus is literaly not there I cannot log in.
I need to bypass the desktop to get console access. I have used the live
image several times and made changes which ultimately have not produced
I have changed the entry for tty8, I have written an .xinitrc, I have
changed the .login and .login-config both to BAK.login. And I get nowhere.
At this point I want to remove KDE, but I can't. Using the live image as
root does not allow me to remove any packages.
How can I get around the desktop login?
Jonathan Engwall
Also I have noticed that /etc/X11/ is empty
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