DragonFlyBSD Project Update - colo upgrade, future trends

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Thu Aug 1 08:51:32 PDT 2019


Gerald Henriksen wrote in <5to5kelf27aqj00i014njv4bc7ppenqugk at 4ax.com>:
 |On Wed, 31 Jul 2019 17:52:35 +0200, you wrote:
 |>Oh, i was talking about the Kernel.  I mean, i have no real idea,
 |>the listing still mentions that bugs shall go over the ML, though
 |>they seem to prefer Bugzilla for that, .. but nonetheless.
 |The Linux kernel isn't really a great example given that, while
 |certainly opensource, it is primarily at this stage a commercial
 |codebase given that a very signficant percentage of the contributors
 |are doing so as a paid job.  When getting paid, you go with the
 |desires of the employeer even if they are opposite of what you would

Yes, so it seems after almost two decades of so-called Evangelism
of the Blue and other colourful.  OpenBSD does not really count
then no more, swimming in money now ;), and NetBSD seems to have
a rather tight relation to ISC, most FreeBSD people seem to hang
around some web-based things, hm, the nmh MUA and the bash bug
lists are possibly.., maybe some IETF (hmm), oss-security@ stuff
(though twarted through some github thing), and some lists of
historical interest.  I came too late to the party!

I say nonetheless, i do not have twitter nor facebook, nor will
ever have unless chip implant mandatory for not being expelled.
I see no problems with mail except patch review, but which does
neither hurt me, and then also can be worked around by placing the
patch inline.  Setting up mailman is terrible, though, and it
seems Python 2 series becomes obsoleted, so that there a painful
step to Python 3 and the "new" mailman had to be achieved.  Maybe
sr.ht (iirc) is a solution.

Years ago i shortly thought about switching to the Fossil
software, not for real code development, but only tracking the
master etc. branches, because of the integrated bug tracking and
other things, and those include a web forum, and that -- i just
looked -- also supports sending forum posts out as email.  Also
indirectly, in a DB, so that data can be fetched from outside
a container.  Well, like that you at least seem to have
notifications mails.  For example, i track four DragonFly lists
for many years (not a decade yet, but almost), i hope this
continues to be possible.

Anyway.  Despite availability of good and simple to set up and
secure and easy to maintain server software, i for one fail to see
any problems with email, and moreover i really prefer this plain
text browser-less way of reading.  My normal user account does not
even have browser access (i do not use it for that, that is to
say; ok, lynx i use from within it), i have two others for this
purpose, one with important credentials, one completely exposed
for nothing but browsing.  I would further separate if the
important data would not remain in an unmounted encrypted volume
most of the time.  Pff, i do not know.

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