let me ask this again.. (was New on DragonflyBSD...)

Holm Tiffe holm at freibergnet.de
Fri Mar 2 04:55:10 PST 2018

>My biggest problem at the moment is, that I can't get my MSP-FET430UIF
>JTAG Interface for MSP430 CPUs to get to work.


>(BTW: what are that ttyi ttyl devices at all? the ucom(4)  manual
>mentiones cua and tty ..which I know of, but what exactly do the tty*
>device  here on Dragonfly?)


>How can I prevent ucom or umodem from attaching a specified device?
>Has someone ever tried to use that mspdebug thing on Dragonfly with an
>USB FET430?

It was a very long post, I know ..but that two questions where the most
important ones.

Does someone know an Answer?



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