New user - few questions regarding update/upgrade process

Özgür Kazancci ozgurkazancci at
Wed Jun 20 23:15:52 PDT 2018

Greetings to DragonFlyBSD team!

I'm a very old OpenBSD user since long time, while I'd like to learn an
another BSD OS, I picked DragonFlyBSD up!

I'm a new user of DragonFlyBSD, I like its simplicity, stability and

I always prefer to follow -stable branch when it comes to sys
upgrade/update. I freshly installed DragonFlyBSD 5.2.2 by burning the
'dfly-x86_64-5.2.2_REL.iso' file, then I tried to update the system to
-stable, by the following commands:

cd /usr
make src-create-shallow

cd /usr/src
git checkout DragonFly_RELEASE_5_2

cd /usr/src
make -j 3 buildworld
make -j 3 buildkernel
make installkernel
make installworld
make upgrade
pkg upgrade
pkg update

Are all these steps enough to follow the -stable branch? How can I continue
updating the source code (located in /usr/src) in case of any change in
-stable branch from your side? Should I issue all the same commands above,
next time?

How often do you update -stable branch? For instance, OpenBSD has a page: - where we get a list of latest patches/updates for
the stable branch, as well as I check its CVS -stable branch from time to
time for any change. Do you have such kind of page?

Many thanks!

Özgür Kazancci
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