John Marino dragonflybsd at marino.st
Wed Jun 20 11:08:12 PDT 2018

On 5/28/2018 08:35, Gerald Henriksen wrote:
> On Thu, 24 May 2018 12:12:37 -0500, you wrote:
>> Just about every KDE5 except the top-level x11/kde5 metaport has been in
>> dports for a few weeks already.
> Thanks for the reply and your work on dports

To follow up, the full KDE5 is blocked by security/plasma5-kscreenlocker 
which has a hard dependency on the wayland QT5 support which currently 
DragonFly does not have.

Our wayland port appeared before the FreeBSD ports version and has not 
been updated.  Somebody needs to get FreeBSD and DragonFly wayland 
support together so we can remove our custom port and get all this 
wayland stuff working.

I'm not going to take this is, so .... volunteers?


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