[HEADS UP] Introduced "make initrd" and removed mkinitrd(8)

Aaron LI aly at aaronly.me
Fri Jun 8 02:23:44 PDT 2018


I justed committed the big initrd change to master.  I should wait
for more reviews, but made a mistake with Git and got it pushed earlier.
The patch was reviewed by swildner and barely by tuxillo.  I already well
tested this patch by building a new ISO with nrelease and installing
on a vbox with encrypted hammer2 root.

The initrd is a small initial ramdisk image that packs some statically
linked tools, init and rc scripts.  It can be used to help mount the
real root that resides on an encrypted volume or LVM, and it also provides
a rescue environment to help solve system problems.

This patch removed the mkinitrd(8) and /usr/share/initrd directory, but
introduced the top-level "initrd" make target to build the statically
linked rescue tools (will be installed under /rescue) and create
the initrd image.  So, after rebooting into the upgraded system and
verifying it works well, do:

# cd /usr/src && make initrd

For more details, please see this commit:


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