Postfix users, heads up

Pierre Abbat phma at
Sun Jul 1 19:06:24 PDT 2018

I upgraded from 5.0 (compiled 2017-10-17) to 5.2 on Friday. Sometime today, my 
laptop spontaneously half-rebooted, so I tried to shell into it from my DFly 
box and found that Postfix was giving an error every minute. It now requires 
that there be an smtpd_relay_restrictions or smtpd_recipient_restrictions (I 
had neither) with a certain clause. I copied the parameter from one of my 
other mailservers, deleted the check_client_access and check_recipient_access 
clauses (zyxomma is accessible only via IPv6, the address changes once a 
thunderstorm, and all the emali it gets is forwarded from another box), and 
was up and running again.

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