Small form factor with two NICs and/or wireless

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Fri Jan 19 15:37:20 PST 2018

Hi Pierre,

I am currently using this as a dragonfly firewall. I also have my firewall config template at:

Jetway JBC313U591W Intel Celeron N3160 Dual LAN Fanless NUC /4GB,120GB mSATA SSD - Configured and Assembled by MITXPC

It is not very powerful, and I got it a few years ago, and it isn’t a great value these days in terms of computing power. However, it has been rock solid as a firewall. I even used it as my main desktop for the first two years. It can handle 4K at 30Hz, NOT 60 Hz. The graphics driver on DragonFly has been solid, and it even has a serial port, which is nice. Now it serves only as a firewall and router, and handles two openvpn connections as well.

I don’t use the wireless on it at all. For that I just use an array of airport extremes. It works well to have the wireless commodity, and more free to move around to remove wireless dead spots. If you want me to, I can try out the wireless just to see if it works with DragonFly. 

I now have a separate i7 msi cubi 2 as my desktop, and I am very glad I moved to that layout instead, with a desktop that is decoupled from the routing. I have some issues with graphics with the cubi, and use scfb right now. 


> On Jan 19, 2018, at 2:37 PM, Pierre Abbat <phma at> wrote:
> My laptop caracal just conked out and I've ordered a new one from System 76. 
> (This is the same laptop that I brought to Berkeley years ago to see if Matt 
> Dillon could load DragonFly on it. He couldn't, so it's been running Ubuntu 
> ever since.) My other boxen leopard (Ubuntu, May 2012) and zyxomma (DFly, 
> April 2013) are slower than caracal. Both are small-form-factor boxes from 
> Aleutia. System 76 sells a NUC with Core i7 (same as caracal, and same as the 
> new laptop), but NUCs appear to have only one Ethernet port, and one reason I 
> got the model I did for zyxomma (which they no longer make) is that it has two 
> Ethernet ports and thus can act as a gateway. Only five devices (one of which 
> is the phone) can get IPv4 addresses. I'm thinking of setting up some more 
> computers in the other room, so I'll need a gateway. Do you know of some 
> small-form-factor computers with two Ethernet ports, wireless which I can set 
> up as an access point, and comparably fast multicore processors which work 
> well on both Linux and DragonFly?
> Pierre
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