Meltdown and Spectre information update

Matthew Dillon dillon at
Tue Jan 9 22:34:34 PST 2018

We fully support microcode updates (as does FreeBSD).

kldload cpuctl

pkg install devcpu-data

cpucontrol -u /dev/cpuctl0
cpucontrol -u /dev/cpuctl1
  ...  (iterate all cpus)

If you download a microcode update that isn't yet in the devcpu-data
package, you will wind up with a microcode.dat file from Intel which you
have to break up using a tool that is in devcpu-data's build directory.

cd /usr/dports/sysutils/devcpu-data

cd /usr/obj/dports/sysutils/devcpu-data/devcpu-data-1.9

use the ./ucode-tool binary.  Urm.   I think something like:

./ucode-tool -i <location_of_intel_microcode_dat_file>

and then move all the *.fw files to /usr/local/share/cpucontrol

Then cpucontrol -u can find them.

You need the latest master (the cpuctl device needed a larger buffer to
handle newer cpu's larger microcodes).


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