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Tommi Pernila tommi.pernila at iki.fi
Mon Feb 5 02:17:06 PST 2018


a reminder that a new BUG - HELBUG is launching next Wednesday the 7th of
February in Finland Capital region.

Location for the BUG is at Nixu corporation:
Keilaranta 15 B
02151 ESPOO
Note that the entrance to the building is at Keilaranta 13 A or Keilaranta

If you want to guarantee entry with snacks to the event, please register to
the event asap.

Here is the Agenda for the evening:

17:30 Introduction talk by yours truly
- what BUGs generally are?
- what HELBUG is going to be?
- Introduction to BSD families
- How i use BSDs
  * with some discussion of participants uses

18:00 Official opening of HELBUG
- A preferred meetup interval
- Location
- Volunteers to help with organization

18:30 How to switch to to BSDs from another OS

19:00 BSD talk
- Questions and Answer on BSDs
- Troubleshooting
- Hacking on a technical issue of your choosing
- How to create a new port to a BSD?

21:00 - End of event and start of BSD Now live stream


Tommi Pernila

On Mon, Jan 1, 2018 at 8:47 PM, Tommi Pernila <tommi.pernila at iki.fi> wrote:

> A New year and a new BUG!
> I'm proudly announcing a new BUG in the Capital region of Finland.
> Capital of Finlang being Helsinki, naturally our BUG will be named HELBUG.
> HELBUGs goal is to promote the use of the BSD variants and the knowledge
> relating to this.
> Helsinki area BSD User Groups (HELBUGs) plan is to have semiregular
> meetings with varying agendas.
> These will include talks, seminars, hacking workshops and general
> discussion on BSD variants.
> Our first meetup will be happening in Southern Finland in the capital
> region on Wednesday the 7th of February 2018.
> The event is hosted by Nixu corporation at their headquaters at:
> Keilaranta 15 B
> 02151 ESPOO
> Note that the entrance to the building is at Keilaranta 13 A or Keilaranta
> 19D
> Preliminary agenda is to host a few talks by volunteers and
> decide on the locations and the interval of our BUG will have meetings.
> More detailed agenda and time for the first meeting will be posted later
> to this thread.
> Br,
> Tommi Pernila
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