New Ravenports repository for DragonFly 5.4

John Marino dragonflybsd at
Fri Dec 7 06:26:13 PST 2018

So until now, there's been one repository for DragonFly, one based on 
DragonFly Release 5.0.  The packages are forward compatible, so they 
work on DragonFly Release 5.2 and Release 5.4.

The DragonFly project in practical terms supports the current release 
(5.4) well and the previous release (5.2) on a best-effort/security fix 
needed basis.  Two+ releases back are essentially no longer supported.

With that in mind, I rebased Ravenports on DragonFly 5.4.  There are 
currently two repositories for DragonFly: 5.0 based and the new 5.4 base.

For current users, they can simply edit their /raven/etc/pkg.conf file 
to modify the ABI definition to read:
AI = "dragonfly:5.4:x86:64"
in order to access the new files.

Force upgrading will probably work, but I prefer the "bulletproof" 
technique of removing all packages and reinstalling them (documented for 
dports here:

For new ravenports users, there's a new bootstrap for release 5.4 
  The original 5.0 bootstrap also works, but you'll have manually update 
pkg.conf as described above.

For ports developers, the ravensys-root has been rebased on Release 5.4 
so the new headers and some new libraries are available.  The people 
that need this know who they are.


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