How to use ravenports to build apps from source

Antonio Olivares olivares14031 at
Thu Aug 23 20:20:55 PDT 2018

Dear DragonflyBSD users,

Sadly on a 5.2.1 machine trying to update it to 5.2.2, I sadly got an error
message.  The big message was that I ran out of space.  I could not recover
from this and I will remove this hard drive and put in a bigger one.  I
will install 5.2.2 version and try to build from source using ravenports.
I hope I can use them(ravenports), but network adminstrators block a great
deal of good sites.  I will try to follow the quick guide

But I do have some questions.  I have to set paths to Raven, then build
using the command/example that is there.  If I want imagemagick port and
configure it to allow one to open *.DjVu files and imagemagick is not
available, I will have to use dports right?  Or I try somehow to
incorporate the software? Try graphicsmagik which may be in ravenports?
The big texlive port, I know I can run ./install-tl, but that does not help
for development and the tackling of big ports like it.  I also have a
couple of ports I want to tackle openjdk and icedtea-web to do run on old
firefox-esr pre version 60; rustless Firefox or build another one
SeaMonkey/ , but I will have to do this slowly one at a time.  The ports
built by Raven are not installed to /usr/local/bin but to /raven/bin and I
should not mix them?  I hope these questions are not a pain to answer.

If I should first update dports and build from there, then run ravenports
and it can update the software?  I tried synth out and I liked it, but some
packages failed to build so I could not update them.  How does the command
from raven differ from the one in synth?  Thanks.  A friend of mine just
told me ask for a ``Ravenports for dummies'' guide/book/how-to.

Best Regards,

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