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Bob Obrien bobo90210 at protonmail.com
Tue Aug 7 16:57:08 PDT 2018

Hello there,
I am enjoying Dragon Fly BSD so far, nice and snappy, seems sensibly organized.

I like the idea of HAMMER but for my relatively basic uses I am not seeing a great benefits. Most notably, PFS seem to be a huge part of the design and what makes it tick. OK, cool, I guess you can snapshot via PFS. But wait, now you can snapshot ANY directory? mount_null also seems core to a basic DF setup but that is not limited to hammer at all. Backups, copies, syncs, yes it seems a neat organizational tool but at the same time I copy, rsync, etc etc with all my UFS drives and it works great. Assuming small enough files and drives that limitations are not being reached, of course.

Maybe if I was a more advanced sysadmin type I would have more specific demands or use cases that would take advantage?

Or maybe I simply need someone to explain how these benefit me and I will see the light, and improve my workflows. Thanks!

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