A5 Partion type confusion while dual booting DragonFlyBSD with FreeBSD

Seann Aswell seann at spa104.com
Tue Sep 12 09:27:12 PDT 2017

I actually attempted to multi-boot OSX and Dragonfly on a MacBook Pro, for what it's worth. However, quickly realized it was a bad idea and installed Dragonfly on the whole drive, booting via efi.

There are likely others...

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> On Sep 12, 2017, at 11:21 AM, Gerald Henriksen <ghenriks at gmail.com> wrote:
>> On Tue, 12 Sep 2017 12:52:17 +0530, you wrote:
>> A8 - Darwin is dead and will someone multiboot dragonfly with OS X ?
> Given the Hackintosh community it wouldn't suprise me if there isn't
> at least one.

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