Install help on Lenovo Yoga 300-11IBY

Ian ian at
Tue Sep 5 05:10:32 PDT 2017


I’m just getting to grips with DragonFly BSD, I’ve installed it ok on one laptop, which is great apart from ACPI S3 sleep.

I’m trying to install it on another laptop, a cheap Yoga with a 32GB MMC as the internal disc.

It installs fine, there’s no warnings similar to Dmitry Postolovs issues earlier however once installed the machine won’t boot to the login prompt.

I accepted the default partition layout e.g.:

/boot 1024M
Swap ~2Gb
/ * the rest

It boots from the MMC ok, I press 1 to Boot DragonFly Kernel, then boot proceeds as normal.

After USB device discovery the boot process halts with this message:

No B_DEVMAGIC (bootdev=0)

Mounting root from hammer:mmcdsd0s1d
No disk named `mmcdsd0s1d`
hammer_vfs_mount: can’t find devvp
hammer_vfs_mount: No root volume found!
Root mount failed: 22

Then I’m presented with mount root which lists various devices but not the mmcsd device

Typing hammer:[device name]

Fails as these are not proper devices.

If I boot from the USB installer I can mount the mmcsd device and see the filesystem and everything seems okay.

I have tried loading the mmc and mmcdd modules before boot, but they appear to be loaded automatically (or built into the kernel)

Obviously the device is recognised as it is booting from the /boot partition, however when it comes time to mount the main partition the device is no longer recognised.

Any pointers would be appreciated.

Are there any magic flags that need to be set on the / partition.


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