crypto setup issue on 5.0.0-REL with HAMMER2 - workaround

Matthew Dillon dillon at
Fri Oct 20 16:57:03 PDT 2017

For people trying to do crypto installs with the experimental HAMMER2
filesystem from the 5.0.0-REL ISO/IMG, there was a bug where we did not
include mount_hammer2 in the recovery shell (which is also used to
bootstrap the root mount when crypto is enabled).

As a workaround, we have placed a replacement /boot/kernel/initrd.img.gz on
mirror-master at this URL:

MD5 (initrd.img.gz) = 2b131341f437aefcf76391dbb1dfb896 (4502554 bytes)

This is strictly temporary until we get the 5.0.1 ISO/IMG released.  I will
remove the file after we get 5.0.1 out the door :-).  You can repair a
crypto HAMMER2 installation as follows:

First, get the new initrd image.  Unfortunately the recovery shell doesn't
have 'fetch' yet (which we will correct.. but the one for 5.0.0 doesn't),
so get it elsewhere and pop it onto a fat32 usb stick or something.

* fetch
* (put onto a fat32 usb stick or something)

* Boot into the recovery shell
* mount the /boot partition, typically:

  mount /dev/da0s1a /boot

* cd /tmp
* retrieve the initrd.img.gz file from whereever you stuffed it.  If
mounting a fat32 usb
  stick you can use (typically da8 slice 1 .. da8s1):

  mount_msdos /dev/da8s1 /mnt

  The 5.0.0 initrd doesn't have an internet fetch program unfortunately,
but if you want to do it via the network connection and you have another
box you can NFS export from, you can get the network connection working and
mount something over NFS.  ssh commands like 'scp' however are available in
the 5.0.0 initrd image.

* cp /mnt/initrd.img.gz file to /boot/kernel/
* sync
* umount /mnt
* umount /boot
* reboot

This is a bit of hassle, sorry.  The 5.0.1 initrd image will correct these
deficiencies and will also have the 'fetch' binary built in to make it
easier to download stuff over the internet from the emergency shell.

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