Installing remotly from a FreeBSD live/rescue system

Christoph Harder shadowomf at
Mon Oct 2 13:33:51 PDT 2017


I would like to install DragonFly BSD on a couple dedicated servers.
Sadly DragonFly BSD is not being made available by the datacenter, however I can remotely access the servers (SSH and/or serial console) and can boot them using a FreeBSD or Linux rescue disc.

I downloaded the DragonFly BSD iso image, but I'm not sure how to make the server enter the setup after the next restart of the machine.
Currently I would guess I'll have to format the hard disk in some format that is usable by FreeBSD and DragonFly BSD and then copy the install media.
But without a boot partition this will probably not work, so I'll have to create that too and I honestly don't know how to do that.

Is there any tutorial available somewhere for such situations?

I did find a tutorial where the user is installing qemu and boots a virtual machine inside the live disk to install OpenBSD, but I would prefer a simpler solution if available.

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