mirror- stream different drive size

Predrag Punosevac punosevac72 at gmail.com
Fri Oct 20 05:43:08 PDT 2017

Michael Neumann <mneumann at ntecs.de> wrote:

>    No. HAMMER1 mirroring works on the logical level, the physical drive
>    size is not important. You can think of it as if you would replay the
>    SQL statements in a database vs block level replication. With HAMMER1
>    mirroring you end up with two physically distinct filesystems with
>    identical content (where it matters).
>    mirror-stream is damn cool. I once did a live presentation of it at my
>    university, where I were replicating a PFS of my box from the data
>    center via WiFi to this tiny little Asus EEEpc. Students could upload
>    to my remote box and the name would pop up on my laptop via OSD once
>    the file was replicated to my laptop. It became funny as people started
>    to chat with me via OSD during my presentation by constructing file
>    names and uploading them ;).
>    Regards,
>    Michael

One would think that a person with as many years of schooling as I have
knows at least how to use Internet search engine. These slides from your


are pure gem. Thank you so much for your e-mail and clarifications 


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