Xterm scrollbar color

Carsten Mattner carstenmattner at gmail.com
Fri May 26 09:46:29 PDT 2017

On Fri, May 26, 2017 at 4:52 AM, Predrag Punosevac
<punosevac72 at gmail.com> wrote:
> Could a kind soul tell me how to change the color of the Xterm scroll
> bar. Namely I am trying to reproduce my usual OpenBSD working
> environment
> predrag at oko$ more .Xresources
> XTerm*termName: xterm-color
> XTerm*loginShell: true
> XTerm*scrollBar: true
> XTerm*faceName: Mono
> XTerm*faceSize: 14
> XTerm*background: black
> XTerm*foreground: gray
> and I noticed that the color of scrollbar is identical to background
> color.

First, IIRC xterm* works for both XTerm and UXTerm while
XTerm* doesn't apply to UXTerm.

>From https://woozle.org/neale/papers/plan9.html


xterm*Scrollbar.thickness: 10
xterm*Scrollbar.thumb: None
xterm*Scrollbar.foreground: gray80
xterm*Scrollbar.background: gray50
xterm*Scrollbar.borderWidth: 3
xterm*ScrollBarBorder: 0

emulation of Plan9 term scroll behavior

xterm*Scrollbar.translations: #override\
    <Btn1Down>: StartScroll(Backward) \n\
    <Btn3Down>: StartScroll(Forward) \n\
    <BtnUp>: NotifyScroll(Proportional) EndScroll()

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