QEMU upstream marked DragonFly BSD as unsupported host systems in 2.9 release

Steve Petrie, P.Eng. apetrie at aspetrie.net
Sat May 20 21:09:46 PDT 2017

A DragonFlyBSD Newbie Here,

Thanks to Aaron Lee for posting the interesting news about QEMU and DragonFlyBSD.

My business strategy for a new website has DragonFlyBSD running as a guest os on a QEMU / KVM virtual machine. I already have a prototype DragonFly installation on a VM at ElasticHosts. But I have not touched it in many months, due to changed business priorities. Nevertheless, I continue to follow this DragonFlyBSD email discussion forum with great interest. And I do plan eventually to get back to using DragonFlyBSD on that VM..

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Just looking to clarify the implications of the announcement by the QEMU folks.

It is my understanding, that:

1. The announcement that DragonFlyBSD is now an unsupported *host* os for QEMU, refers to the ability of DragonFlyBSD to host the QEMU facilities that provide VMs.


2. The announcement has nothing to do with running DragonFlyBSD as a *guest* os on a QEMU VM hosted on Linux.

Is my understanding correct ?

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Thanks in advance for any responses.


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  Subject: QEMU upstream marked DragonFly BSD as unsupported host systems in 2.9 release

  Hello DFlyers,

  I just noticed from the Phoronix news [1], that QEMU upstream are dropping
  supports of some host systems in the 2.9 release [2], and DragonFly BSD
  is one of them:

  > This release includes changes to the configure script so that it will
  > now report some host operating systems and platforms as "unsupported".
  > These are host setups which we do not have access to and are thus
  > unable to test. They will continue to work in this 2.9 release
  > (though configure will warn you about the unsupported status), but
  > in a future QEMU release we may drop support for those hosts unless
  > somebody volunteers to help us with maintaining them (and can provide
  > build/CI machines).

  The list of unsupported host systems are:
  * ia64 (architecture)
  * GNU/kFreeBSD
  * DragonFly BSD
  * NetBSD
  * OpenBSD
  * Solaris
  * AIX
  * Haiku

  Note that one of NetBSD developer already volunteered to maintain the NetBSD
  support in QEMU.

  As far as I known, QEMU may be the only emulator that works well on DragonFly
  BSD, therefore, it would be great to have better DFly support in QEMU. 
  Somebody interested may have a further look at this.

  [1] Phoronix: NetBSD Looking to Improve QEMU Support: https://phoronix.com/sca
  [2] QEMU: Warning of unsupported host systems: http://wiki.qemu.org/ChangeLog/
  [3] NetBSD maintainer in the QEMU project: https://blog.netbsd.org/tnf/entry/n

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