Matthias matthias_play at gmx.net
Sun May 7 09:36:40 PDT 2017

Ok, thanks. I just want to see my services on that machine separated
i.e., they should not get access to the host system if they get compromised.

Thanks, John.

On 07.05.17 16:46, John Marino wrote:
> I'm not familiar with ezjail, nor am I a jail expert.  The few jails I
> set up, I did so manually.
> That being said, I doubt there is an alternative.  I'm not aware of any
> jail work in years, so DF's is basically frozen in time (unfortunately).
> John
> On 5/7/2017 07:58, Matthias wrote:
>> Hi John,
>> thank you for the quick answer.
>> I installed ezjail over two years ago and updated all packages regularly
>> (with pkg upgrade). This time I deleted all packages to reinstall them
>> since I had issues with the server.
>> ezjail had been successfully running in DragonFly CURRENT from end of
>> March this year. After upgrading two weeks ago I got a core dump during
>> jail starts, so it seems that is due to your mentioned missing
>> libjail.so.
>> Is there an alternative that is also as equally easy to setup?
>> Regards
>> Matthias
>> On 07.05.17 14:34, John Marino wrote:
>>> "anymore" has been a year.
>>> IIRC ezjail requires libjail.so which is specific to FreeBSD -- In other
>>> words ezjail built but didn't work.
>>> Are you sure it's functional on DragonFly?
>>> John
>>> On 5/7/2017 06:47, Matthias wrote:
>>>> Hi,
>>>> I wanted to upgrade my server recently and discovered there is no
>>>> package for ezjail anymore which I use for several jails running on
>>>> this
>>>> server.
>>>> Will the package be available again anytime soon or should I install it
>>>> from ports?
>>>> Regards
>>>> Matthias

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