Kaby Lake support

Matthew Dillon dillon at backplane.com
Tue Mar 28 15:03:03 PDT 2017

Intel pretty much wants people to buy Xeons to get ECC, though they do
currently have a series of industrial Atom cpus (an octa-core atom, in
fact) that does support ECC.  But it's designed for use in routers more
than as a server.  Even with 8 cores it isn't very fast.  The ECC-capable
i3 a few years ago was actually a bit of a mistake.  However, now that
AMD's consumer chips not only have unlocked multipliers, but are also
ECC-capable (the mobo has to support it too of course)... that may prompt
Intel to put the feature back into its consumer chips.

It's one of those artificial distinctions Intel uses to differentiate
between its consumer chips and its more expensive Xeons.

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