Summary of my trip to AsiaBSDCon 2017

Sepherosa Ziehau sepherosa at
Wed Mar 15 05:55:28 PDT 2017

Hi all,

It's a quite nice conference.  And Tokyo is a great place for
sightseeing.  I highly recommend DragonFly folks to join next year's

Gave two talks this time, one is for DragonFly's network stack:

They contain high level introduction to DragonFly's network stack,
with some details.

Talked to networking folks from NetBSD; they showed some interests in
my DragonFly talk.  Met Joerg, eventually.

Talked to Philipp, Peter and Henning from OpenBSD; random network stuffs.

Met a group of nice FreeBSD folks; talked a bit about the recent
network performance comparison etc.

Got a bunch of new random TODO/thoughts:
- Expand the ifq priority level to 8, instead of 2.  Idea from OpenBSD.
- Bring in FreeBSD's syncookie.
- OpenBSD's rdomain; well, it seems to be a network domain, since it
also partitions PCBs instead of just routing tables.
- ifclone for loopback interface, which will be required by rdomain.
Explained by OpenBSD folks.

Any folks interested in any of them, please contact me; of course both
users@ and kernel@ are good :)

A photo with Kirk, symbol of BSD!  He is very nice to talk to.

A photo with Henning.  I like his style of talking and his white
gloves (GET IT DONE!).

Nice sticky:

"You know who":

The BigFish:


Tomorrow Will Never Die

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