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Bryan C. Everly bryan at bceassociates.com
Fri Jun 30 05:57:22 PDT 2017

Apologies.  I didn't do a reply to all on this.


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Date: Fri, Jun 30, 2017 at 8:42 AM
Subject: Re: Trying to multiboot with FreeBSD
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> Please try this: check that you are in the video group. If not, add
> yourself in the video group in /etc/group, and then ensure that
> i915_load="YES"
> is in /etc/rc.conf. Then boot again.
> When this fails, back to modes at loader prompt. First we'd need to
> figure out if there's a mode that works. At the loader prompt, try set
> a mode that is not 3, I believe giving just 'mode 0' for instance to
> get 1024x768. Can you then check with 'gop get' what are the values
> address and size, if there's a mode where they are not zero. If yes,
> then give 'boot'.

Unfortunately it looks like I'm getting a zero address and size for all modes.

When switching to 800x600 resolution, I can actually read that top
line of text and was able to determine that there is some sort of
crash while loading the kernel because after hitting enter several
times I could see that I'm hung up at a db> prompt.  Just for grins, I
installed with BIOS boot mode and everything works AOK so it appears
that this is a problem either with the UEFI boot loader or the

Is there anyone on a Thinkpad x230 who can try UEFI to see if perhaps
this is a thing where I need to update or downgrade the BIOS to get it


> Also: when i915 loads, it should probe your screen and allocate a new
> framebuffer with a suitable resolution; or 1024x768 if it fails to
> find a resolution. If this is correct, then I'm not sure why putting
> 'i915_load="YES"' in /etc/rc.conf still resulted in corrupt screen. If
> you can ssh into the machine you can see the debug msgs from i915
> doing this:
> % sudo kldload drm
> % sudo sysctl hw.dri.debug=0x777
> % sudo kldload i915
> You'll get a lot of debug output in /var/log/messages, but grep for
> the lines containing 'intelfb_create'; it should look like this:
> ---
> [drm:pid1334:intelfb_create] no BIOS fb, allocating a new one
> [drm:pid1334:intelfb_create] allocated 1680x1050 fb: 0x00047000, bo
> 0xffffff82e8342dc0
> kernel: kms console: xpixels 1680 ypixels 1050
> ---
> Peeter
> --

I'll give this a shot over the weekend when I can put it on a private
network with its own switch and a DHCP server.

Thanks again for your help.

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