Trying to multiboot with FreeBSD

Bryan C. Everly bryan at
Thu Jun 29 13:09:21 PDT 2017

> Hmm, this does not look good---I'm not a specialist but I don't
> understand how you can see anything at all, the framebuffer address
> and size are nonexistent. This is where it seems to break down.
> When you give 'gop list', do you see any other modes? Can you change
> to any other mode (sth like 'mode X' with X the mode number might
> work?) and try boot?
> Do you see the same numbers in FreeBSD and OpenBSD? If yes then we'd
> need to investigate how Free/OpenBSD fix this.
> If you can connect your machine to a wired network you can ssh into
> the machine. You'd need to configure you NIC in /etc/rc.conf (same as
> in FreeBSD) and note that by default DragonFly ssh configuration does
> not allow passwds; you need either keys or then change the
> configuration to allow passwds.
> Peeter
> --


When I do a "gop list", I get:

mode 0: 1024x768x32, stride=1024
mode 1: 640x480x32, stride=640
mode 2: 800x600x32, stride=800
mode 3: 1366x768x32, stride=1376

So first off, that's weird that whatever "stride" is lines up 100% to
the horizontal resolution in modes 0,1 and 2 but not mode 3 (which
appears to be the default).

Is there a way to change the default mode by putting something in
loader.conf do you know?

Thanks again for your help!

- Bryan

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