John Marino dragonflybsd at
Wed Jun 28 15:21:19 PDT 2017

The only port matching openjfx in a search is:

There's no requirement for compatx listed on that page.

But it has a requirement on gradle:

this does depend on compat.  See the makefile:
# Gradle depends on native-platform which has a native component that
# requires, because it was compiled with g++.
# See

So there you go.  Gradle provides a binary for freebsd.  openjfx is 
"skipped", it didn't fail.


On 6/28/2017 17:08, Dr. Jochen Raßler wrote:
> but, both are open source .... ?
> ok, for openjfx the freeBSD port is only partly ported, the real
> interesting things, like dependencies to gstreamer, webkit-gtk,... are
> defined, but never used and built, so the java classes will not work
> Jochen
> Am 28.06.2017 um 22:43 schrieb John Marino:
>> On 6/28/2017 15:37, Dr. Jochen Raßler wrote:
>>> As I mentioned, I only built them and didn't yet test.
>>> What I need is gradle and openjfxdevel, which aren't available to DF
>>> currently.
>>> As I looked around to find the reason, I found the site how to port
>>> software to DF ( and
>>> looked further to find this site:
>>> and for both gradle and openjfx missing compat9x is the reason for not
>>> being ported to DF - as far as I understood. I found no information
>>> about what's wrong with compat9x and asked a few days ago in another
>>> mail, which had a different topic (32 bit compat libs) and got no answer
>>> to that specific question.
>>> So I started building... but had no time for further investigation yet,
>>> so I didn't test with gradle...
>>> It would be great to get some information about the status of why gradle
>>> and openjfxdevel aren't ported to DF and why the automatic build process
>>> is skipped (or ignored?) for both packages.
>>> I would appreciate it, if you gave me some hints!
>>> cheers,
>>> Jochen
>> The normal reason for requiring compatX is that the port is delivering
>> a pre-built binary.
>> For example, a vendor doesn't release the sources, but it builds the
>> product itself.  The port is simply downloading the binary and putting
>> it in place.  Since the vendor typically doesn't provide one binary
>> per FreeBSD release, compat libraries are needed to satisfy the
>> real-time linker.
>> So binary installers are not real ports.  And you can't run a freebsd
>> binary on DragonFly.  I haven't looked at these ports, but if compat
>> libraries are a requirement, I expect they are impossible to port. The
>> vendor would have to provide DF binaries which is unlikely, especially
>> since we don't utility compat libraries in DF.
>> John
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