32 bit compatibility libraries

Dr. Jochen Raßler jochen.rassler at gmail.com
Fri Jun 23 10:21:50 PDT 2017

I don't have all installation options in mind, but I am pretty sure, 
that 32 bit compatibility libs, as well as a game package is activated 
as default installation packages in the installer. The source tree on 
the other hand is not activated by default. This dialog is basically the 
same on DF as in FreeBSD.

The point is:
I need gradle and openjfxdevel on my DF box, but both packages are not 
available due to a compat9x issue -- whatever this issue is (does anyone 
know? I found no information). I managed to reproduce an issue in the 
ports makefile and modified it to compile on my DF box. But only for the 
64 bit libs, as I didn't install the 32 compatibility libraries.
If you install FreeBSD for amd64, you can install the 32 bit 
compatibility libraries on installation time as well as later on, 
unpacking a simple tar ball including this libraries. I found nothing 
similar for DF.

If 32 bit really is not needed for compat9x, I will proceed to install 
compat10x, which is a dependency for compat9x and move on to port gradle 
and openjfx to my box.


Am 22.06.2017 um 01:04 schrieb Predrag Punosevac:
> Jochen Rassler wrote:
>> I installed DF4.8 and did some configuration and so on.
>> Now I realized, I need the 32-bit compatibility libraries, which I
>> didn't install with the installer.
>> Is there any way to install the libraries without a reinstallation of
>> my system?
> Are you sure you are using DragonFly? DF is 64-bit only OS. It has being
> a while since I installed DF from scratch (I keep source updating my
> file servers circa 3.6) but I would swear that you can't actually select
> the installation sets. On the another hand I just did FreeBSD 11.0
> installation for one of our external projects and as annoying as it is
> to me 32-bit compatibility lib is the default installation set for
> FreeBSD amd64
> Cheers,
> Predrag
>> thanks in advance,
>> Jochen
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