[Bug #3032] IPFW3: memory leakage? objcache(xxx): Exhausted!

Aaron LI aly at aaronly.me
Thu Jun 8 04:33:11 PDT 2017

On Wed, 2017-06-07 at 23:54 +0800, Aaron LI wrote:
> I think it's easy to reproduce this issue with a VM (e.g., VirtialBox)
> installed the latest DFly release or master snapshot, configure about 256 or
> 512 MB RAM, enable IPFW3 (I used the basic and layer4 modules), and
> continuously download/upload some data.  Also keep monitoring the mbuf
> usages (netstat -m).
> I will set up a VM to test this issue and report to you.

Hi Bill,

I've set up a VM with DFly 4.8.0-Release to test this issue, and find that the
issue is very likely caused by the *UDP traffic state check* for IPFW3.

A. VM & System
Host OS: Debian Linux (testing) amd64
VM emulator: VirtualBox 5.1.10
VM memory: 256 MB RAM
Guest OS: DragonFly BSD 4.8.0-Release
Guest network: (bridged)
Host network:

B. Results
1. With basic IPFW3 rules: "check-state" and "allow tcp from me out via em0
   (1) downloading a lot of data from a remote host: OK (mbuf usages);
   (2) "scp" a lot of data to a remote host: OK (mbuf usages).

2. Use the full IPFW3 rules configured for my home DFly machine (attached
below), then monitor the mbuf usages, and I find the mbuf usages *keep
increasing* as the UDP traffic increases.  For example, after the VM running
for an afternoon:

vbox# netstat -m
2652/10560 mbufs in use (current/max):
519/1536 mbuf clusters in use (current/max)
0/512 mbuf jumbo clusters in use (current/max)
	3116 mbufs and mbuf clusters allocated to data
	52 mbufs and mbuf clusters allocated to packet headers
2364 Kbytes allocated to network (28% of mb_map in use)
0 requests for memory denied
0 requests for memory delayed
0 calls to protocol drain routines

vbox# ipfw3 show | egrep -v '\s+0\s+0\s+'
00100  859  90620  check-state
00200    2     80  allow tcp from me out via em0 keep-state
00304   12   4088  deny from in via em0
00305    3    984  deny from in via em0
00310    6    504  allow icmp in via em0 keep-state
00332   17   1632  deny tcp established in via em0
00500  829  87621  allow tcp dst-port 22 in via em0 keep-state
00701 2176 211072  allow udp dst-port 21027 in via em0 keep-state
60000 1319 179663  deny in via em0

* The UDP port 21027 is used by Syncthing (https://syncthing.net/) for
discovery broadcasts on IPv4 and multicasts on IPv6.  I'm running Syncthing on
3 other hosts within the LAN
* The VM is just idle and runs nothing.

Wish the information help you reproduce and then solve this issue.

My full IPFW3 rules:
00010  allow via lo0
00100  check-state
00200  allow tcp from me out via em0
00201  allow udp from me out via em0 keep-state
00202  allow icmp
from me out via em0 keep-state
00301  deny from in via em0
deny from in via em0
00304  deny from in via em0
00305  de
ny from in via em0
00306  deny from in via em0
  deny from in via em0
00308  deny from in via em0
0310  allow icmp in via em0 keep-state
00315  deny tcp dst-port 113 in via em0
0320  deny tcp dst-port 137 in via em0
00321  deny tcp dst-port 138 in via em0
0322  deny tcp dst-port 139 in via em0
00323  deny tcp dst-port 81 in via em0
332  deny tcp established in via em0
00500  allow tcp dst-port 22 in via em0
00500  allow tcp dst-port 8860 in via em0 keep-state
00510  allow tcp
dst-port 80 in via em0 keep-state
00512  allow tcp dst-port 8800 in via em0
00513  allow tcp dst-port 8801 in via em0 keep-state
00700  allow tcp
dst-port 22000 in via em0 keep-state
00701  allow udp dst-port 21027 in via em0
00800  allow dst-port 51413 in via em0 keep-state
00801  allow tcp
from dst-port 9091 in via em0 keep-state
60000  deny in via em0
5535  deny

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