Any other totally blind DragonFly users

am_dxer at am_dxer at
Fri Jul 7 08:53:23 PDT 2017

I just thought I would post this here to see if there are any other
users of DragonFly BSD that are totally blind. If there are, we could
possibly connect and share experiences and tips. I use Orca which is a
screen reader for the GUI to access my laptop and desktop in DragonFly.
There are console screen readers available, however, I have not tried to
get any of them working yet mostly because Orca can read gui terminals
like mate-terminal xfce4-terminal etc. I performed my installation using
Qemu with the -curses option on a Linux Live cd that had Orca installed.
The -curses option forwards the Qemu output of the DragonFly installer
running in Qemu to Mate Terminal so that I can read it with Orca. I used
the raw format with the target drive in qemu so that I could boot in on
real hardware when done. The workflow is basically use Qemu with Orca on
the live cd to install the system and configure it and set Orca to
autostart. This way, when booting the actual system on real hardware it
comes up talking.

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