State of Rust on DragonFly

Michael Neumann mneumann at
Sun Jul 2 13:59:03 PDT 2017

On 06/29/17 21:18, Carsten Mattner wrote:
> On Thu, Jun 29, 2017 at 5:24 PM, Zachary Crownover
> <zachary.crownover at> wrote:
>> That won't happen unless we have an active maintainer for it with Rust that
>> can get the project to move DragonFly from tier 3 to at least tier 2. I'd
>> like to take an active role in that though.
> Cool, and I'd like to encourage you.
>> On Jun 29, 2017 9:55 AM, "Carsten Mattner" <carstenmattner at> wrote:
>>> On Wed, Jun 28, 2017 at 6:49 AM, Michael Neumann <mneumann at>
>>> wrote:
>>>> Hi,
>>>> I am working on getting Rust 1.18.0 into the ports. There was an issue
>>>> with errors happening in parallel builds triggered by cargo (Rust's
>>>> package manager also used to build Rust itself). By disabling parallel
>>>> builds I were able to successfully bootstrap Rust 1.18.0 from 1.17.0.
>>>> I need to produce dependency-free versions of cargo before I can work on
>>>> integrating everything into the ports tree.
>>>> All scripts to bootstrap can be found on [1]. To build Rust 1.18.0, just
>>>> run "sh /working/directory/for/build". Because of the
>>>> version of cargo I am currently using, this might only work if you have
>>>> the same version of DragonFly (I am working on a statically linked
>>>> version of cargo).
>>>> I will keep you updated on the progress. And sorry for the delay. I just
>>>> found the issue with cargo two days ago. This issue blocked all my
>>>> further efforts.
>>> Great work Michael!
>>> Please keep it up and ideally get it to the level of FreeBSD so
>>> that we can just use rustup to have all of the versions and
>>> toolchains and targets available. That would be a dream.

That's also my dream. Having continuous builds for DragonFly would be
great to detect breaks. It should be all that hard btw. We were able to
cross build rustc from Linux in the past. That's how it would work.

*State update* I opened up pull requests [1] and [2] to DeltaPorts.
Waiting for jrmarino to merge and/or further comments/change requests
:). So Rust and Cargo should soon be in dports again.

Scripts to build the bootstrap components can be found here [3].




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