Thinkpad x230 - trying to get TrackPoint / Touchpad working in X

Bryan C. Everly bryan at
Sun Jul 2 11:22:19 PDT 2017

Hi everyone,

Sorry to be such a n00b but my Google-fu has let me down here.  I'm
trying to get a desktop going in my new DragonFlyBSD install on a
Thinkpad x230 and I have successfully configured WiFi and installed
xorg but when I do a simple "startx" to validate that everything is
working AOK, everything is (including Intel DRM graphics!) but I have
no ability to move the mouse.

I've done some reading on /dev/sysmouse and fiddled with my Xorg
-configure generated /etc/X11/xorg.conf file but to no avail.

Could someone please nudge me in the right direction to get a working
mouse so I can start installing a DE and try to make DragonFlyBSD my
daily driver?


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