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Matthew Dillon dillon at
Sun Feb 19 09:03:49 PST 2017

The GPIO pins on the sound hardware are different for every board.  The
sound hardware supplies a configuration block via the HDA spec to the
software driver.  However, probably 25% of the sound hardware out in the
wild do not supply the correct configuration block, causing basic things to
break.  Basically the vendors don't really care whether they supply
accurate configuration data or not because they only care about making it
work with their windows driver.

Operating systems such as Linux and all the BSDs must manually create a
table of 'quirks' for these sound cards to correct the hardware
configuration bugs in order for the user to feel that 'it just works'.
Keeping it all up to date is difficult so honestly we rely  on at least
some of the users being enough of  programmer to be able to supply the
appropriate patches (since they are the ones with the hardware that doesn't
work.  We don't have that exact physical hardware so we can't patch and
test it ourselves).  We will also periodically pull quirks and other
patches from other OS's, but keeping everything up-to-date is impossible.
There are thousands of hardware bugs out there that drivers need special
code for.


On Sun, Feb 19, 2017 at 1:03 AM, Fekete Zoltán <fekete.zoltan at>

> Hello Matt,
> The "Dragonfy stlyle" device hints, you suggested first, works as expected.
> I will do the kernel patch soon and inform you.
> By the way, why do we need these type of tuning? I tried NetBSD and Linux
> on the same machine, they work out of the box with sound configuration.
> Just curious.
> Regars,
> FeZ
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