DragonFly BSD on udoo x86.

Antonio Huete Jiménez tuxillo at quantumachine.net
Thu Aug 17 06:55:35 PDT 2017

Hi Aleksej,

Nice little boards, didn't know them :)

What happens if you press ^T (ctrl+t) where it hangs? What does it print?

Antonio Huete

Aleksej Lebedev <root at zta.lk> escribió:

> Hello,
> I am trying install DragonFly on Udoo x86 Basic.
> The kernel boots successfully, but then the system hangs at  
> "Initializing random seed."
> I rebooted in a single user mode and started sh -x /etc/rc to see  
> exactly where it hangs and got this:
> ...
> + sysctl 'kern.seedenable=1'
> + dd 'of=/dev/random' 'bs=8k'
> I am not sure how to investigate further. Could someone suggest something?
> -- 
> Aleksej Lebedev

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