Gradle on DF [was: Re: compat?x]

Dr. Jochen Raßler jochen.rassler at
Thu Aug 17 10:16:53 PDT 2017

Hi all.

finally I found the time to look further into this:

* I downloaded the source distribution and tried to build it, but 
failed. This source distribution (from github releases) tried to compare 
the source files with a commit id, which hasn't been found (or included) 
in the source ball

* I cloned the github source tree and tried to build it. I had some 
issues, but got it to work:
every single build it failed to pass the Maven integration tests. In 
gradle/subproject/build-init i modyfied the build-init.gradle to not 
build the "integTestRuntime project (':maven')".
After that it builds and runs just fine

* I downloaded and installed the provided binary and this seems to work 
fine (deeper tests still required, but currently everything works fine)

So far as I see, it should be possible to use either FreeBSD port or 
just build a DF port out of binary distribution provided by Gradle.


> So from taking a quick look I see:
> 1) the freebsd maintainer uses the binary provided by Gradle instead
> of building from source
> 2) Gradle provide a generic binary download that is non system or OS
> specific

> 3) everything in the binary download is either an image, jar file, or
> script - nothing native
> 4) I suspect, given that this same binary runs on macOS (clang), Linux
> (gcc) and Windows that there is no native stuff at all, but rather by
> forcing the freebsd port to bring in the gcc C++ library they are
> solving a problem occuring elsewhere (ie not with Gradle) that led to
> the bug reports - I base this on the fact that the Gradle supplied
> binary must be working fine on macOS.
> 5) thus there really should be no need for the compat dependency (and
> not that it matters but given DragonFly is still using gcc/g++ the
> library would be available anyway unless it needed a more up to date
> verion).
> So for the original person, there is no reason you can't somehow
> install Gradle on DragonFly, either directly or by changing the port
> info.

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