Software versions in DPorts

John Marino dragonflybsd at
Sat Apr 15 05:53:00 PDT 2017

On 4/15/2017 05:27, Andrea wrote:
> Hi,
>> Firefox is at 52.0 in dports right now which came in late march, and in
>> 2 days it will be at 53.0 once the stage branch is merged with master.
> Thank you. The source of my confusion was that the DPorts chapter of the
> handbook, after the instructions about getting the git repository, links
> to your github account. I browsed it and the software versions were the
> same as the pre-build packages (as an example Firefox is 51.0.1).

That wiki page was in error.  I've corrected it to point to the 
DragonFly account.

>> If one can't wait for packages (which are a best effort convenience)
>> then one always has the option to build from dports using synth.
> Ok, I thought the delay from dports upgrade and the corresponding
> package build was just a few days. Since it seem to be much more I'll
> use synth (I was already using it on FreeBSD so this is not a problem).

Historically it has been, but it was announced that the ports tree would 
be frozen indefinitely due to issue with the new xorg server and graphic 
stack that ports had introduced right as 4.8 was being released.  Those 
issues were only just recently resolved and thus the package building is 
still catching up.

> However, shouldn't the handbook link at the end of the installation
> instructions point to the github repository cloned with the described
> procedure?

Yes.  I'm not sure how nobody mentioned the wiki was wrong before.
In particular, I'm disturbed that github made the jump to DPorts-Raven 
which was a modified fork that nobody should be using.  I even renamed 
it so it wouldn't be found.


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