File changes propagating in older snapshots: what am I doing wrong?

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Sat Apr 8 09:55:58 PDT 2017


I have other information.. the behavior started to be 100% reproducible on my machine: every time I added a file I found it in the past snapshot. But it appeared after a delay, ranging from 1 to about 20 seconds!

% hammer snapls /home/attic/
Snapshots on /home/attic/	PFS#2
Transaction ID		Timestamp		Note
0x0000000000000000	2017-04-06 09:57:34 CEST	-

% pwd

% touch a_new_file
% ls .@@0x0000000000000000

The file isn't in the snapshot yet. But if a i keep repeating the ls command after a few seconds I find it:

% ls .@@0x0000000000000000
a_new_file	disk_stats.txt

Then I decided to run hammer cleanup:

# hammer cleanup
[... Output snipped ...]
cleanup /home/attic          - handle PFS#2 using /var/hammer/home/attic
           snapshots - run
               prune - run
           rebalance - run..
             reblock - run....
              recopy - skip
[... Output snipped ...]

Now I have a new snapshot but the old snapshot is gone:

% hammer snapls /home/attic/
Snapshots on /home/attic/	PFS#2
Transaction ID		Timestamp		Note
0x00000001186c2200	2017-04-08 18:25:50 CEST	-

This new snapshot doesn't exhibit the behavior described above: I can add and delete files in the main directory and the snapshot doesn't change.

Sadly, now I have no access to the old snapshot to further diagnose the problem. I didn't think hammer cleanup would delete a snapshot from two days ago.

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