Can upgrade a DFly using the ISO image?

Aaron LI at
Thu Apr 13 22:31:24 PDT 2017

Hello DFlyers,

I just ordered and started a small VPS on [0], and installed
the DragonFly BSD (version 4.6) using the ISO image their provided,
since it is not allowed to install the OS from a ISO image URL.

Can I upgrade the installed DFly using the built ISO image (e.g., 4.8
release), without building from source and then install/upgrade?
In other words, can I mount the ISO image somewhere, and upgrade an
existing DFly system by installing from there?

If I remember correctly, the FreeBSD installer provides an option to
upgrade the existing installation.

The reason for me to avoid upgrading by building from source, is the
limited resource of my VPS, only 256MB RAM, to save money :).



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