Vinum troubleshooting

Stefan Unterweger 232.20711 at
Wed Sep 21 07:51:18 PDT 2016

Hi Andrew,

Vinum is weird enough that I have fumbled around quite some time before
finally getting it to work, and had to give up on lvm as well.  But once
it works, I‘ve had no further problems with vinum.

So, for your problem:
You -did- initialise your plex after creating it?
That’s probably what ‘State: init’ is trying to day.

→ ‘vinum init storage.p0’

* afreedma at on Mon, Sep 19, 2016 at 07:42:45AM +1000:
> loki# vinum l
> 6 drives:
> D d1                    State: up	Device /dev/da0s1a	Avail: 13/1907725 MB (0%)
> D d2                    State: up	Device /dev/da1s1a	Avail: 189438/2097150 MB (9%)
> D d3                    State: up	Device /dev/da3s1a	Avail: 189438/2097150 MB (9%)
> D d4                    State: up	Device /dev/da4s1a	Avail: 13/1907725 MB (0%)
> D d5                    State: up	Device /dev/da5s1a	Avail: 13/1907725 MB (0%)
> D d6                    State: up	Device /dev/da6s1a	Avail: 13/1907725 MB (0%)
> 1 volumes:
> V storage               State: down	Plexes:       1	Size:       9315 GB
> 1 plexes:
> P storage.p0         R5 State: init	Subdisks:     6	Size:       9315 GB
> 6 subdisks:
> S storage.p0.s0         State: empty	PO:        0  B Size:       1863 GB
> S storage.p0.s1         State: empty	PO:      512 kB Size:       1863 GB
> S storage.p0.s2         State: empty	PO:     1024 kB Size:       1863 GB
> S storage.p0.s3         State: empty	PO:     1536 kB Size:       1863 GB
> S storage.p0.s4         State: empty	PO:     2048 kB Size:       1863 GB
> S storage.p0.s5         State: empty	PO:     2560 kB Size:       1863 GB

This should print out some messages that your subdisks are being
initialised—and with drives this large, will take an awfully long time.

>From vinum(8):
| init [-S size] [-w] plex | subdisk
|         vinum init initializes a subdisk by writing zeroes to it.  You
|         can initialize all subdisks in a plex by specifying the plex
|         name.  This is the only way to ensure consistent data in a plex.
|         You must perform this initialization before using a RAID-5 plex.
|         It is also recommended for other new plexes.  vinum initializes
|         all subdisks of a plex in parallel.  Since this operation can
|         take a long time, it is normally performed in the background.  If
|         you want to wait for completion of the command, use the -w (wait)
|         option.

Once it is through (perhaps even before that), you’ll find your RAID-5
volume as /dev/vinum/vol/storage


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