Release branch gets a few fixes from master, head's up - dports for master in flux

Matthew Dillon dillon at
Mon Sep 12 09:24:28 PDT 2016

The release branch has received a few more fixes from master.  We haven't
rolled a sub-release image yet.  Any -release users who see these issues or
want the new powerd features can rebuild from release-branch sources.

* Several fixes related to lost or delayed IPIs causing machine lockups.
Primarily effects DFly running in VMs, but can also effect DFly on real

* A fix for 'indefinite wait buffer' deadlocks.  This problem primarily
occurred during modest to heavy paging to swap.  I previously posted a mail
about this fix when it was put into master.  It has now been tested well
enough to cherry-pick into the release branch.

* A rare panic related to unix domain sockets has been fixed.

* The 'powerd' daemon will now monitor cpu temperature and force a lower
frequency if it gets too hot.  Current default is set to roughly 80C.  The
feature is designed for laptops whos cpus can get too hot under load due to
poor design.  Many laptop BIOSes play fast and loose here and don't clamp
down soon enough, leading to some cpus getting into the mid-90C range.
Desktop systems usually never get that hot.


Master in flux -  dports on master may be a tad unstable as we work-in the
openssl -> libressl changes.  Most of the work is being done
behind-the-scenes (and making good progress) and hasn't hit the official
repo yet, but I don't expect the transition to be perfect and installed
ports will need a complete upgrade once we flip the switch.  Essentially,
the base system is already using libressl and dports is going to be
switched from using the base system libssl to using a dports-based libressl
(except for pkg-static which needs to bootstrap pkg and will use the base
system libressl).

Master users should be ready for some possible instability in the dports

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