gmux and switcheroo for DragonFly

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Fri Sep 2 05:56:22 PDT 2016


As a followup to this thread

on why Xorg won't start on apple macbookpro, I had a look at linux's
apple-gmux driver. It is part of the switcheroo subsystem for apple laptops
with hybrid graphics. Over the last weeks I've been working on bringing the
apple-gmux driver to DragonFly.

This is my first encounter with kernel and driver programming, and it's
still work in progress, but the gmux driver now un/loads fine:

# kldload ./gmux_apple_acpi.ko

gmux_apple_acpi0: <apple gmux controller> port 0x700-0x7fe on acpi0
gmux_apple_acpi0: Found gmux version 1.9.33 [classic]

# kldunload gmux_apple_acpi

gmux_apple_acpi0: detached

(Thanks to Sephe for fixing the acpi IO address range!) It still needs more
work regarding initialization and power handling.

As far as I can see, Linux's switcheroo consists of other parts that need
to be brought over to DragonFly. I wonder if anyone is working on this? I'd
like to avoid duplicating work. If there's work done on switcheroo I could
test if it works with the apple gmux driver. Alternatively, if there's
still work to be done I'd be happy to contribute if I can.



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