ipfw3: match multiple ports in a rule

Chuck Musser cmusser at sonic.net
Fri Nov 25 20:01:39 PST 2016

> On Nov 25, 2016, at 7:21 PM, Bill Yuan <bycn82 at gmail.com> wrote:
> ​Hi Chuck,
>> By default, the filters are joined with 'and'. and currently the 'or' can join the filter which is same as previous one.  
Right, so you can have an "or" for alternatives for the same filter field, like:

dst-port 22 or 80

But maybe not something like:

dst-port 22 or src-port 22

I think I tried something like the above and it said "bad command". That's OK,
additional rules can be added for more complicated matching.

On the two alternative rulesets I posted earlier, any idea why they were not
equivalent? The first worked (allowed access to the HTTP and SSH servers)
and the second did not (neither service was accessible).

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