Questions about current stable version of dragonflybsd regarding drivers and desktop environment

Dmitrij D. Czarkoff czarkoff at
Fri May 27 07:09:24 PDT 2016

John Marino said:
> So in other words, what does your quote about the relationship between
> FreeBSD and DragonFly have to do with anything?

These days Linux distributions call themselves "operating systems."  I
bet a lot of people who were not around 10 years ago reading

| DragonFly BSD was originally forked from FreeBSD 4.8 in June of 2003,
| by Matthew Dillon. The project was originally billed as "the logical
| continuation of the FreeBSD 4.x series", as quoted in Matthew Dillon's
| announcement, but this description has long since become obsolete.

think that DragonFly BSD and FreeBSD are distributions of the same "BSD"
operating system, pretty much like Ubuntu Linux and Debian GNU/Linux are
distributions of the same "Linux" operating system.

I am amazed that OpenBSD mailing lists are not spammed with questions
"Why  my favorite NetBSD kernel module does not work?"

Probably should stress more that it is a proper
operating system, and not a distribution or a tiny patchset against

Dmitrij D. Czarkoff

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