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Carsten Mattner carstenmattner at
Mon May 16 14:13:51 PDT 2016

On 5/16/16, karu.pruun <karu.pruun at> wrote:
> I have to correct a mistake: I did get compton + uxa with xfce4
> working tearfree on a 4k monitor. I used this conf file

On Intel?

> with the glx backend.

Glad to hear it finally worked for you.

> On a different note: I was very much impressed by wayland/weston.
> Following these instructions
> one gets a teafree smooth graphical environment. No apps apart from a
> terminal but looks promising. I wonder if the xwayland module would
> allow run the usual xorg applications? The xwayland module did not
> load; complained about the missing X11 socket.

The bundled wayland terminal emulator isn't very good and it's a pain
that there's no xterm or rxvt-unicode yet since Konsole and all VTE-based
emulators are incompatible or bad in some way.

Were it not for that, I might consider using Weston.

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