troubleshooting Intel 7260AC (continued)

Imre Vadasz imre at
Mon May 9 12:07:48 PDT 2016


With latest master (as of a few minutes ago), the 7260AC chipset (and others
supported by the iwm(4) driver) should now work a bit better. The wifi
update in master should fix wifi scanning for iwm(4), which before failed to
detect access-points on other channels than the one which was explicitly set
via ifconfig (or by default, channel 1).


On 14:09 Mon 09 May , Andrew Slaughter wrote:
> Hi again -
> Following up on my previous question
> <>, I
> spent the weekend trying to connect to my wireless network without success.
> Could any 7260AC users out there post a copy of their config files?
> Alternatively, if anyone has some general troubleshooting tips I might have
> missed, I'm all ears.
> Alternatively, if anyone has a good PCIe wifi card they'd recommend, that
> might be useful, too. I know the atheros stuff is well-supported, but I
> have no idea what brands, etc. I should be looking for.
> Thanks!

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