X11 headers and libraries

Vasily Postnicov shamaz.mazum at gmail.com
Tue May 3 06:10:34 PDT 2016

You can install any software from ports. Namely, X libraries are usually in
/usr/dports/x11. If there is no such directory on your system, you should do

cd /usr
git clone git://github.com/DragonFlyBSD/DPorts dports

Then you must cd into needed directory inside the port tree and run 'make
install clean'.

To check if a package is installed on your  system, run 'pkg info <package
name>'. To show all files which come with the package, including headers
and shared libraries, run 'pkg info -l <package name>'

You may want to see those chapters of the handbook, which describe the
ports system and pkg tool
3 мая 2016 г. 15:51 пользователь "Antonio Olivares" <olivares14031 at gmail.com>

> Dear Dragonflybsd users,
> does anyone know how to find the x11 headers and libraries? to see if
> they are installed or not?  and how to install them?
> Thanks in Advance,
> Antonio
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