default sensorsd.conf change

Lanir lanir at
Wed May 25 14:04:30 PDT 2016


Can someone change the default /etc/sensorsd.conf file (if it hasn't
been updated in a change I missed already)? The value it's checking has
2 places after the decimal which confuses sensorsd, since the default
sensorsd.conf file is set to "high=85C" with no decimal places.

Here's the header of the file I had in case it's changed:
# $OpenBSD: sensorsd.conf,v 1.8 2007/08/14 19:02:02 cnst Exp $
# $DragonFly: src/etc/sensorsd.conf,v 1.1 2007/10/02 12:57:00 hasso Exp $

And here's the new default config line I'd recommend:


Current default behavior is somewhat surprising; system always shuts
down no matter the temperature a minute or two after sensorsd starts
running. Amusing on a local system, probably not so much on a remote one.


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