Status report on TeX Live 2016 release preparation

Nelson H. F. Beebe beebe at
Wed May 11 05:33:07 PDT 2016

I am one of the team members who work each year on the preparation and
testing of the annual TeX Live YYYY releases.  About this time each
year, the work is announced complete, and a DVD is prepared for
distribution to TeX User Group members and other TeX user groups
around the world, and conference attendees at the annual TUG meeting
(this year in Toronto, ON, Canada: see


For several years, the DVD has been full, so it has had to be trimmed
to fit, and the number of binary distributions for particular
operating-system/CPU platforms has been limited.  DragonflyBSD has not
been included in past years, although the DragonflyBSD support team
has provided TeX Live packages installable via "pkg install".

This year, I have prepared a Web site at

that reports on the status of the team work, and supplied binaries for
numerous platforms (74 as of this morning), along with a list of
binaries missing from particular platforms.  The bin link at the start
of the above Web page leads to downloadable .tar.xz files, and the
purpose of this note is to report that DragonflyBSD 3.8, 3.9, 4.0,
4.2, 4.4, and 4.6, all on x86-64, are included there.

The end of that Web page tells how to fetch the rest of the TeX Live
2016 system, and keep it up-to-date with the tlmgr utility.

It has not been possible for me to build either asymptote (asy and
xasy executables), or xindy, on DragonflyBSD.  Asymptote builds fail
in the libatomic_ops code portion, and xindy needs clisp, which seems
never to have been ported to DragonflyBSD (and I've never succeeded in
building it myself on any version of that O/S).

Perhaps some DragonflyBSD experts on this list would like to take on
the challenge of getting clisp working on that system, and fixing the
libatomic_ops issues for asymptote.  If you wish to do so, feel free
to communicate with me off list, either via e-mail, or via telephone
if e-mail seems not to get a response (I have numerous filters in
place that block many domains, but can open up particular addresses as


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