Wayland/Weston with XWayland works on DragonFly

karu.pruun karu.pruun at gmail.com
Fri May 20 06:05:49 PDT 2016


So I compiled Xorg with XWayland support and got it working: many
applications that need Xorg work now with wayland/weston. Basically,
Xwayland is the "Xorg" for applications that need Xorg; it's a
compatibility option as long as an application does not work with
wayland/weston directly.

I followed directions on this page:


and recompiled x11-servers/xorg-server with options given on that
page. It does not compile cleanly but complains about a missing
file/library; so before compiling, don't uninstall your xorg-server
yet. When the error occurs, I manually copied the file to the build
directory in /usr/obj/. . . (see what is the file and the directory in
error message) and then remove the xorg-server package. Then "make
install" worked fine. (Someone know how to fix this issue?) I then
used the attached weston.ini (save to ~/.config/ and edit paths of
files like background etc) and manually created

> mkdir /tmp/.X11-unix

and then (from webapage https://github.com/DragonFlyBSD/DeltaPorts/pull/123)

> sudo kldload i915
> mkdir /tmp/wayland_xdg
> chmod 0700 /tmp/wayland_xdg
> env XDG_RUNTIME_DIR=/tmp/wayland_xdg weston-launch -- --use-pixman

Applications that seem to work and are stable (there might more but
haven't tried):

  - gedit
  - nautilus
  - evince

  - xfce4-terminal
  - atril

- firefox
- spyder
- scilab
- kile (crashes first but works when launched again)

Doesn't work:
  - chrome (segfault)

Weston is quite minimalistic but does provide a stable working
environment. No tearing and runs smoothly:

  - has workspaces (switch: super + F1, F2 etc)
  - a panel with launchers
  - switch between apps: super (or ctrl) + tab
  - but: no tray for minimized apps: they can be brought back by
switching between apps
  - Copy-paste works in X and between X and weston
    - X cursor could be better configured?

In summary: I am very much impressed. On this machine, wayland/weston
feels faster than X. It's stable, or at least so far. With Xorg I
can't switch between VT and graphical screen more than twice; the
screen hangs after two switches. With Wayland it just works.

I wonder if one might get a minimal DE like Maynard running. It seems
to need wayland support in gtk30.



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