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Mon Mar 28 22:34:10 PDT 2016

Hi Tim,

I've had very good success with the AsRock C2750D4I server board. Some of the Marvel SATA ports are probably still not operational under Dragonfly, but you will still have 6 good Intel SATA ports to work with (the board has 12 SATA ports total). It has IPMI which is very convenient for remote administration and set up. Two Intel Gigabit ethernet ports and a third Realtek port for IPMI.

The Gigabyte H97N also works well under Dragonfly. There is also a version of this board with WIFI (the H97N-WIFI), but the module would likely need to be changed out for one that is supported under Dragonfly (unless it is now supported, I don't know). The board is well built and I've had no issues with it. It contains Intel and a Qualcomm gigabit ethernet ports.

Dillon tested out an A1SRi-2758F from Supermicro some time ago and if I recall correctly has some benchmarks posted somewhere. It has an octacore atom just like the AsRock board above but with a quad Intel gigabit ethernet ports. It has six SATA ports and IPMI. It will likely also be a good contender but I haven't had a chance to use one just yet.

If you need some recommendations on cases, the Fractal Design Node 304 runs almost silently with these boards and supports 6 x 3.5" disk drives (or 6 x 2.5" drives). The airflow is also quite good in that case. The Supermicro Chassis 721TQ-250B is also very nice if you need hotswap and external drive bays.

On 03/29/2016 01:05 AM, Tim Darby wrote:
> I'm getting ready to build a mini ITX system (NAS) and was wondering what
> motherboards people like for Dragonfly. It has to have at least 4 SATA
> ports and a high performance NIC. Wi-fi would be nice too, but not
> necessary.
> Tim


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