Some artifacts - bad screen on Lumina-DE and Firefox

Dmitry Postolov dpostolov at
Fri Jun 17 00:02:59 PDT 2016

Thank you! Yes, this problem with artifacts - bad screen is observed
in DragonFly BSD only with "intel" video-driver, but with "vesa" driver
all OK!

My hardware: Intel NUC5PPYH: CPU Intel N3700 Intel HD Graphics.

On FreeBSD video-driver also "vesa" besause "intel" driver for Braswell/
CherryView in not ported for FreeBSD yet.

Is it issue of bug intel video-driver?

Workaround: to use "vesa" is good for common working on PC, but
in case YouTube video this is poor quality of video.

17.06.2016, 11:08, "Sepherosa Ziehau" <sepherosa at>:
> On Fri, Jun 17, 2016 at 11:18 AM, Dmitry Postolov <dpostolov at> wrote:
>>  Hi to all! Sorry for my bad English...
>>  I am faced some artifacts in Lumina-DE and Firefox when scrolling
>>  the screen of web-page by mouse wheel or arrows on the keyboard,
>>  the text/image in rare instances is bad. On FreeBSD this problem
>>  with Lumina/Firefox is not observed.
>>  Lumina-DE: 0.9.0_3,1 from pkg.
>>  Firefox 46.0.1,1 from pkg.
>>  DragonFly dfly.local 4.5-DEVELOPMENT DragonFly
>>  v4.5.0.1201.g55a26-DEVELOPMENT #0: Mon Jun 13 10:54:59 UTC 2016
>>  root at
>>  x86_64
>>  Screenshot of bad screen:
> Have you tried to disable the hardware accel?
> Thanks,
> sephe
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